Microsoft’s Start button back on Windows 8

Microsoft’s Start button back on Windows 8Microsoft’s Start button back on Windows 8 – Microsoft has confirmed that a Start button is returning to the desktop mode’s taskbar on its Windows 8 operating system.

The lack of a start button has annoyed many users who have switched to Microsoft’s latest operating system; thankfully they seem to have realised their mistake, and are re-introducing it.

However, it will sadly not offer all of the functionality previously associated with the feature.

Instead it will bring users to the “Metro” interface which was introduced with Windows 8.

So rather than making a complete U-turn on the Start button front, Microsoft has taken at least the first step toward acknowledging feedback, and offering what users want, and not just what they think they want.

Hopefully Microsoft will reintegrate the full functionality of the Start button that so many people know and love, but only time will tell.

On another note for people who are unfamiliar with Windows 8 – the process of shutting your machine down should be a simple thing.

But Microsoft have somehow decided to turn a simple process which required two clicks altogether into one much more confusing and inconvenient, involving finding where to go, followed by four actions.
The process of shutting your Windows 8 machine down is as follows:
1. Mouse over the gadget in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, or the upper left corner for the same result. (Or, you can press Windows-C on your keyboard).
2. In the slide-out menu (The Charms Bar) that appears, click Settings.
3. Click the Power button, and then click your desired action: Sleep, shut down, or update and restart.
So, there we go. Windows 8 now requires a hover, click, click and another click, for a process which was previously very easy.
Good old Microsoft eh?