Windows XP the end of

Windows XP the end of:Windows XP the end of

You were a fantastic operating system for your time and you affected the way that most of us worked over the past years. You were colourful, clever, fast and reliable, and stood the test of time – but now it’s time to let you rest in OS heaven and move on.

Just like any relationship it’s hard to let go of the way XP worked for us: its lovely start menu, its simplicity, but it was not all roses. Let’s not forgot the plague of the “Blue screen of death”, or slow start up times, or security weaknesses. After all being secure is paramount.

Now Microsoft have said goodbye forever in support and security updates, and so now we need to say goodbye to you forever and look onwards to better and more secure operating systems.

We can now move on and push faster, better protected systems like Windows 7 and Windows 8 to all, and give users cleaner and more efficient systems to work on.

With the death of XP, the death of Windows server 2003 soon will follow. Meaning that businesses who still operate on these need to also look to the future technologies for support.

If you still work on XP or Server 2003 technologies please call Central IT Systems for support and we will help you move gracefully away from our beloved old technologies and strive to improve your systems hand in hand.

P.S. Truthfully XP – you were a better system than Vista, and we personally wish that Vista was at its end of line instead, but never mind, soon that will be ended too.